26 November 2014

Askers Harvest Foods in Grangeville ID helps community to give back.

Lots of community efforts going on these days in Grangeville Idaho, and its high time we highlight some of the good deeds being performed among businesses, churches, clubs, organizations and citizens.

I'll update this list of other recent endeavors by our community as a sign of Thankfulness and Support for those in need.   In Grangeville, any efforts to help supply the Camas Prairie Food Bank is considered a gesture of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".

If I've missed anyone, please let me know with an email to stop hunger at camasprairiefoodbank.org

October/November/December - Askers Holiday Side Dish Food Drive

Annually:  Cash n Carry - lots of effort and support too many to mention, including emergency turkey  deliveries.

November 8th - Centennial Library Drama Club - Collected canned goods and perishable items for food bank.

November 23rd -  Grangeville Christian Church - Gail Stowers said:  My church (Christian Church), had our annual Dean Cox memorial food drive last Sunday. Donated 1,980 pounds and $$'s for over 200 turkeys. Yipee!

November 21st - The Gallery - Fundraiser with music and dinner in a stylish atmosphere.

November - Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts - Food collection drives.

Annually - Basketball playoff sponsored by Idaho County Sheriffs Dept brings in lots of canned goods.

November - Area Church Thanksgiving Dinners - Trinity Lutheran Church and Grangeville Nazarene Church

November - People First - Donation of funds.

November - MTIDA.net   Generously donated internet services and wifi inside food bank building which is TOTALLY awesome for conducting business at the food bank instead of at home where Carlene and other volunteers have plenty of other obligations.  Thanks Bruce, Stacy and Greg!

15 November 2014

Shelves Are Sparse For The Holiday Season. Help Make A Difference For Struggling Families.

On behalf of Camas Prairie Food Bank, thank you for your continued support.   Our community clubs and organizations are taking steps to support homeless families and struggling neighbors by adding food donor and collection efforts to their activities programs.

Our shelves are quite sparse though, and so we must continue efforts to combine all efforts to make a difference in the lives of families who are going through a rough spot and struggling with the high costs of food.  Children and those enrolled in school, suffer the most by not having a stable diet of nutritious foods to fuel their brain and body.

Whatever you can do to supplement the food bank, even if its just a can or 2 of food, drop it by the Food Bank in the wood box at the back of the food bank house.   Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

Camas Prairie Food Bank
Physical Location: 
411 East North Street
Grangeville, ID 83530 
(Behind Les Schwab)

08 November 2014

When you donate 2 cans of food, or $2 dollars, among other things at P1FCU, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a gift card worth $50.  They'll be giving out 2 gift cards this season.  Here's your chance to give, and support the local Camas Prairie Food Bank.   Thanks P1FCU!!!

06 November 2014

A tip to ensure your food bank donations benefit your local community.

09 September 2014

August 2014 News

During the month of August 2014, Camas Prairie Food Bank served 546 people. 

We had 4 homeless households with a total of 8 people.  

Shelves are finally getting filled up at the Camas Prairie Food Bank - thanks to donations by all of you.    

We are luckier than most,  as most of our North Central Idaho food banks in small communities have empty shelves.   It's through combined efforts of our local awareness programs and the generosity of our community members that we're keeping our heads above water.   Meanwhile, the team at Camas Prairie Food Bank continues to volunteer countless hours to serve those in need.

The Camas Prairie Food Bank is composed of a  tremendously devoted team of volunteers who make it happen EVERY WEEK.   Week after week, month after month, year after year.      

The reality is, ALL of our Idaho food banks are struggling to meet these community needs as food prices increase and inflation creeps higher.  


Camas Prairie Food Bank is working on ideas and programs to make sure we sustain our ability to offer food to those most in need.  

Are you interested in sitting on a committee to help brainstorm and be a part of grassroots efforts.  OR, do you want to be less of an idea person and more of a get-her-done sort, feet on the ground worker bee?  Either form of involvement is welcome and plays an important role.


One program being collaborated is a community project that will take some time.   We're envisioning it like the Ashland Project somewhat (http://ashlandfoodproject.com).  We will need neighborhood volunteers that could spare maybe one day a month.   If you haven't looked at the Ashland Food Project website,  please take a moment to peek at the info.   Anyone interested in helping with this project - let us know by October 1st.     Send an email to stophunger@camasprairiefoodbank.org or call the food bank on Tuesday or Fridays.  We need you.

This is what we hope our program will look like starting in 2015

Neighbors donate a bag of food every two months. It's incredibly easy, because we supply the bag…and we pick up the food! This provides food pantries with a steady, year-round supply of food…and provides donors with the ongoing satisfaction of making a real difference.

Whether you donate food, collect it, help make policy decisions, or help out in some other way, you are what makes can make this  program work in the area of Camas Prairie communities. 


If you're interested in attending a preliminary planning meeting to launch this food project program, or would like to be on the community drive pickup committee, to collect bags of food around your neighborhood, please email us at stophunger@camasprairiefoodbank.org to be included on the list.    Or call the food bank on Tuesdays or Fridays,  9-2pm and ask for Carlene. 


We've  really raised awareness about extra garden produce and fruit tree harvests and its working.  Neighbors have been  dropping off extra veg and fruit from their gardens to share with the food bank.

Believe me, it does not go to waste.  There are always families who cannot afford a zucchini at $1.59 a pound, or squash, plums, apples, and any other produce where prices at the retail level were seeing, are reaching unattainable levels for many families.

We're still working toward our awareness programs and encourage you to look at your garden to determine - is anything going to waste?  Can I pick what I'm tired of preparing?  The neighbors don't want it, maybe I should just make a quick trip to the food bank.   (Please do think like that.  we need your extra fresh produce.)

Think about next spring:  growing an extra row of corn, tomatoes, sunflowers (the seeds have high nutritional value), squashes and onions, or any produce - to donate to the food bank.  

Final note: 

We could use more donations of used - working crockpots to help households that need them.  It really helps especially when cooking beans, a cheap source of excellent nutrition, protein and carbohydrates. 

We hope you've enjoyed your summer and are refreshed by your activities and recreation for the fall and winter season ahead.   Remember those who may not be as fortunate and need your spare canned goods or time to facilitate sustainable programs for our local community.   

Please know that your efforts to drop off a bag of groceries here and a bit of fresh produce there,  really making a difference!  We can improve on those trickles to create streams and rivers of flowing produce through programs that are not government funded but supported by the local community members. 

Many small doses of participation create a large movement of effort.   Think about donating 1 hour of your time each month to one of our projects.   

Thank you!

30 July 2014

July News from Camas Prairie Food Bank

Camas Prairie Food Bank served 540 people this month of July 2014.  

We are planning a project that will sustain us in the future with non perishables. This is similar to the Ashland Project but a bit different.  Please visit http://www.ashlandfoodproject.com to familiarize with the planned program.  

Volunteers, time and effort are needed to get this type of program launched.  I am interested in anyone who might like to help in their neighborhood. More details forthcoming. 

For now we are working hard to fill our shelves with those missing items.   I want to thank everyone who put money at Cash & Carry for us and those individuals and groups who have donated food.

Our Grangeville Community Garden project is evolving very nicely.  If you haven't seen the gardens yet please drive by and look.  They are doing great!

- Info provided by Carlene Whitesell, Director of Camas Prairie Food Bank

PS:  questions should be directed to our email address at:     stophunger@camasprairiefoodbank.org

23 June 2014


Thursday, June 26th

Frozen Potato Express is coming to visit.    A truck full of frozen potatoes will be distributed from 11:30am to 12:30pm at the Senior Center on Truck Route. 

If you can use a case or two of potatoes, come to the parking lot.  We will be handing them out.  There are no qualifications.

Cases are approximately 30 pounds.


We can use ANY dry bulk items and we will put them in smaller packages.
Donations of gallon or quart zip lock bags would help us alot.
We are in need of so much. We are getting stripped down so quick these days. We extremely short or do not have any of the following listed items:
Meal helpers (example: packets of the pasta sides/rice-a-roni boxes / hamburger helpers etc.)
Rice and other grain products.
Fresh potatoes or any fresh veggies, eggs - fresh excess garden produce from any gardens are so appreciated.
Cake-cookie mixes of any kind
Baking & pancake mixes - jiffy mixes
Canned meals such as chili - pork and beans -
Any kind of shelf stable foods.
Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, mayo, olives
Tortillas are fantastic and work well for shelf storage and provide a form of bread or meal helper.
Powdered Milk!!!!!
We do have lots of canned green beans and corn and plain pasta and dried beans at this time.
We are really out of meat except for a couple of packages. The partner agencies we usually get it from are not getting much either and it must be available for all North Central Idaho Agencies. We usually get the lions share of it.
A family usually only gets one package of meat a month as it is. It is always size appropriate for the amount of people. That means approx. 450 - 600 pounds a month. What we get is uaually a huge assortment and variety. We are considering doing a meat drive one day. We would be asking for those that can donate just one package of meat - any kind. We do not want to stress out our community though, as so many non-profits need help. * I would like to know how people feel about that idea.

12 March 2014

We have some great cooking classes scheduled at the Camas Prairie Food Bank in Grangeville Idaho

We are in need of crockpots and rice cookers. 

If you have extra crockpots or rice cookers, and would like to donate, they would be put to wonderful use. They can be new or used,  but they need to work. Used crockpots and rice cookers will be utilized for those in need. 

The new ones will be used for clients that attend a certain amount of classes. If anyone wants to donate a new crockpot,  we really like the one Costco sells as it can be used for both grain and as a crockpot. I believe the brand name is Aroma and sells for approx. $29.00. We have many clients that would be helped by these items. 

Cooking classes are important as so many clients do not know how to cook and or do not have these items that would make cooking with nutrition simpler. 

Some of our classes scheduled: 

(class schedules will be posted on our Facebook group page as well as on this website). 

Cooking with Amaranth & Quinoa (complete proteins without meat), millet & black rice. 

Classes will include several ways to prepare these grains into main dish items such as patties or high nutrition-low fat tortillas, etc. 

In most cases clients attending the classes will be able to take some of the food product home to cook with it. 

Other classes on the schedule include:

  • Baking bread in a crockpot. 
  • Homemade jams and preservation of foods - etc. 

We are all very excited about these classes.

Gardening classes are also starting - possibly next week as weather continues to change. New garden plots (a little higher) and some senior beds will soon be going in. 

Please check Grangeville Community Garden for updates and information.

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Contributed by Carlene Whitesell

17 February 2014

Plastic Bags Needed

In addition food needs that we have posted here at CamasPrairieFoodBank.org, we also have an on going need for plastic bags.  Instead of throwing them away or sending to recycling, consider dropping off a large quantity of your plastic bags for use when we provide food items to our customers in need.  

If you have plastic bags available, please feel free to drop them off at our Food Bank location which is behind Les Schwab in Grangeville.  There is a blue drop box at the front where you can place the bags for use.  

Camas Prairie Food Bank address is:
411 East North Street
Grangeville, ID 83530 

10 February 2014

Current Food Bank Needs

The following represents some current food bank needs as provided by Carlene:

  • All veggies except green beans and corn as we have a lot of these.
  • Canned Chili/pork&beans/spaghetti
  • Pancake or biscuit mixes and syrup
  • Rice
  • Meal helpers such as hamburger helper/rice-a-roni/boxed salad and potato dishes. 
  • Jiffy mixes
  • Sugar free items for diabetic food needs.
  • Peanut butter & jelly/jam

The items listed are just our most needed but we are able to use any food items. 

Often our needs change.   Donors are always welcome to contact me either by email or our Facebook Group.   

One of the items we really could use on a steady basis is tortillas.  We rarely have any bread and tortillas work so fantastic as they store flat without using up much space.  Families can do a lot with them.   But, they are too expensive for us to buy locally unless they are on sale. 

We do need some feminine products.   They are kept for emergencies and we are out.   We need small bottles of shampoo or better yet the shampoo/conditioner in one bottle.     

Small bottles of dish soap and a few deodorants.  

Again some of these toiletry items are for emergencies and not everyone,  as we can't possible supply that every month for every family.  I wish we could.   That would be awesome though.  

As for hotel bottles we do get those in and have them out for people to help themselves.  We are always happy to get them.  Families are happy to have them as well.


08 February 2014

Celebrating the Official Website Launch for Camas Prairie Food Bank

Camas Prairie Food Bank - Executive Director, Carlene Whitesell

Welcome to the official website for Camas Prairie Food Bank,Inc., a non-profit organization supporting area food and nutrition needs in Grangeville, Idaho and nearby communities. 

Bookmark our website and share with others:  http://www.camasprairiefoodbank.org 

Through this online portal, our goal is to shape the future of our local food bank with maximum transparency, accountability and communications within our local community.  This online resource will provide  the need for a central information resource to enrich our community at a humanitarian level and to provide essential help to our neighbors in need. 

Our Facebook Group labeled "Camas Prairie Food Bank" was launched January 2013, and has earned 253 members in just one year. 

If you would like to stay in touch with Camas Prairie Food Bank, please consider subscribing to CPFB News so we can keep you informed about important food bank news, fundraising events and helpful tidbits, as well as niceties we feature.  You'll find our subscribe feature in the right hand sidebar of all pages. 

We've setup up a PAYPAL account for DONATIONS and we also participate as a charitable organization with AMAZON Smile.   Lots more detailed information will be provided on both of these tools for raising funds.

Our Camas Prairie Food Bank location has a mortgage with a balance that we are working to pay off. Anyone can make a donation at US Bank to provide a charitable donation that will be applied toward our principle.

Volunteers are need.  We will be posting additional information about volunteering at food bank and other ways you can help.

Google powers this website through a free site builder called blogspot,  and our  subscribe feature is powered by Googles Feedburner technology, also free. Thank you Google!

Thank you for your visit. We welcome feedback, monetary support, volunteerism and any kindness you desire to pay forward.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 

Thank you for your support.