17 February 2014

Plastic Bags Needed

In addition food needs that we have posted here at CamasPrairieFoodBank.org, we also have an on going need for plastic bags.  Instead of throwing them away or sending to recycling, consider dropping off a large quantity of your plastic bags for use when we provide food items to our customers in need.  

If you have plastic bags available, please feel free to drop them off at our Food Bank location which is behind Les Schwab in Grangeville.  There is a blue drop box at the front where you can place the bags for use.  

Camas Prairie Food Bank address is:
411 East North Street
Grangeville, ID 83530 

10 February 2014

Current Food Bank Needs

The following represents some current food bank needs as provided by Carlene:

  • All veggies except green beans and corn as we have a lot of these.
  • Canned Chili/pork&beans/spaghetti
  • Pancake or biscuit mixes and syrup
  • Rice
  • Meal helpers such as hamburger helper/rice-a-roni/boxed salad and potato dishes. 
  • Jiffy mixes
  • Sugar free items for diabetic food needs.
  • Peanut butter & jelly/jam

The items listed are just our most needed but we are able to use any food items. 

Often our needs change.   Donors are always welcome to contact me either by email or our Facebook Group.   

One of the items we really could use on a steady basis is tortillas.  We rarely have any bread and tortillas work so fantastic as they store flat without using up much space.  Families can do a lot with them.   But, they are too expensive for us to buy locally unless they are on sale. 

We do need some feminine products.   They are kept for emergencies and we are out.   We need small bottles of shampoo or better yet the shampoo/conditioner in one bottle.     

Small bottles of dish soap and a few deodorants.  

Again some of these toiletry items are for emergencies and not everyone,  as we can't possible supply that every month for every family.  I wish we could.   That would be awesome though.  

As for hotel bottles we do get those in and have them out for people to help themselves.  We are always happy to get them.  Families are happy to have them as well.


08 February 2014

Celebrating the Official Website Launch for Camas Prairie Food Bank

Camas Prairie Food Bank - Executive Director, Carlene Whitesell

Welcome to the official website for Camas Prairie Food Bank,Inc., a non-profit organization supporting area food and nutrition needs in Grangeville, Idaho and nearby communities. 

Bookmark our website and share with others:  http://www.camasprairiefoodbank.org 

Through this online portal, our goal is to shape the future of our local food bank with maximum transparency, accountability and communications within our local community.  This online resource will provide  the need for a central information resource to enrich our community at a humanitarian level and to provide essential help to our neighbors in need. 

Our Facebook Group labeled "Camas Prairie Food Bank" was launched January 2013, and has earned 253 members in just one year. 

If you would like to stay in touch with Camas Prairie Food Bank, please consider subscribing to CPFB News so we can keep you informed about important food bank news, fundraising events and helpful tidbits, as well as niceties we feature.  You'll find our subscribe feature in the right hand sidebar of all pages. 

We've setup up a PAYPAL account for DONATIONS and we also participate as a charitable organization with AMAZON Smile.   Lots more detailed information will be provided on both of these tools for raising funds.

Our Camas Prairie Food Bank location has a mortgage with a balance that we are working to pay off. Anyone can make a donation at US Bank to provide a charitable donation that will be applied toward our principle.

Volunteers are need.  We will be posting additional information about volunteering at food bank and other ways you can help.

Google powers this website through a free site builder called blogspot,  and our  subscribe feature is powered by Googles Feedburner technology, also free. Thank you Google!

Thank you for your visit. We welcome feedback, monetary support, volunteerism and any kindness you desire to pay forward.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 

Thank you for your support.