12 March 2014

We have some great cooking classes scheduled at the Camas Prairie Food Bank in Grangeville Idaho

We are in need of crockpots and rice cookers. 

If you have extra crockpots or rice cookers, and would like to donate, they would be put to wonderful use. They can be new or used,  but they need to work. Used crockpots and rice cookers will be utilized for those in need. 

The new ones will be used for clients that attend a certain amount of classes. If anyone wants to donate a new crockpot,  we really like the one Costco sells as it can be used for both grain and as a crockpot. I believe the brand name is Aroma and sells for approx. $29.00. We have many clients that would be helped by these items. 

Cooking classes are important as so many clients do not know how to cook and or do not have these items that would make cooking with nutrition simpler. 

Some of our classes scheduled: 

(class schedules will be posted on our Facebook group page as well as on this website). 

Cooking with Amaranth & Quinoa (complete proteins without meat), millet & black rice. 

Classes will include several ways to prepare these grains into main dish items such as patties or high nutrition-low fat tortillas, etc. 

In most cases clients attending the classes will be able to take some of the food product home to cook with it. 

Other classes on the schedule include:

  • Baking bread in a crockpot. 
  • Homemade jams and preservation of foods - etc. 

We are all very excited about these classes.

Gardening classes are also starting - possibly next week as weather continues to change. New garden plots (a little higher) and some senior beds will soon be going in. 

Please check Grangeville Community Garden for updates and information.

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