23 June 2014


We can use ANY dry bulk items and we will put them in smaller packages.
Donations of gallon or quart zip lock bags would help us alot.
We are in need of so much. We are getting stripped down so quick these days. We extremely short or do not have any of the following listed items:
Meal helpers (example: packets of the pasta sides/rice-a-roni boxes / hamburger helpers etc.)
Rice and other grain products.
Fresh potatoes or any fresh veggies, eggs - fresh excess garden produce from any gardens are so appreciated.
Cake-cookie mixes of any kind
Baking & pancake mixes - jiffy mixes
Canned meals such as chili - pork and beans -
Any kind of shelf stable foods.
Condiments: Ketchup, mustard, mayo, olives
Tortillas are fantastic and work well for shelf storage and provide a form of bread or meal helper.
Powdered Milk!!!!!
We do have lots of canned green beans and corn and plain pasta and dried beans at this time.
We are really out of meat except for a couple of packages. The partner agencies we usually get it from are not getting much either and it must be available for all North Central Idaho Agencies. We usually get the lions share of it.
A family usually only gets one package of meat a month as it is. It is always size appropriate for the amount of people. That means approx. 450 - 600 pounds a month. What we get is uaually a huge assortment and variety. We are considering doing a meat drive one day. We would be asking for those that can donate just one package of meat - any kind. We do not want to stress out our community though, as so many non-profits need help. * I would like to know how people feel about that idea.

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