26 November 2014

Askers Harvest Foods in Grangeville ID helps community to give back.

Lots of community efforts going on these days in Grangeville Idaho, and its high time we highlight some of the good deeds being performed among businesses, churches, clubs, organizations and citizens.

I'll update this list of other recent endeavors by our community as a sign of Thankfulness and Support for those in need.   In Grangeville, any efforts to help supply the Camas Prairie Food Bank is considered a gesture of "Neighbors Helping Neighbors".

If I've missed anyone, please let me know with an email to stop hunger at camasprairiefoodbank.org

October/November/December - Askers Holiday Side Dish Food Drive

Annually:  Cash n Carry - lots of effort and support too many to mention, including emergency turkey  deliveries.

November 8th - Centennial Library Drama Club - Collected canned goods and perishable items for food bank.

November 23rd -  Grangeville Christian Church - Gail Stowers said:  My church (Christian Church), had our annual Dean Cox memorial food drive last Sunday. Donated 1,980 pounds and $$'s for over 200 turkeys. Yipee!

November 21st - The Gallery - Fundraiser with music and dinner in a stylish atmosphere.

November - Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts - Food collection drives.

Annually - Basketball playoff sponsored by Idaho County Sheriffs Dept brings in lots of canned goods.

November - Area Church Thanksgiving Dinners - Trinity Lutheran Church and Grangeville Nazarene Church

November - People First - Donation of funds.

November - MTIDA.net   Generously donated internet services and wifi inside food bank building which is TOTALLY awesome for conducting business at the food bank instead of at home where Carlene and other volunteers have plenty of other obligations.  Thanks Bruce, Stacy and Greg!

15 November 2014

Shelves Are Sparse For The Holiday Season. Help Make A Difference For Struggling Families.

On behalf of Camas Prairie Food Bank, thank you for your continued support.   Our community clubs and organizations are taking steps to support homeless families and struggling neighbors by adding food donor and collection efforts to their activities programs.

Our shelves are quite sparse though, and so we must continue efforts to combine all efforts to make a difference in the lives of families who are going through a rough spot and struggling with the high costs of food.  Children and those enrolled in school, suffer the most by not having a stable diet of nutritious foods to fuel their brain and body.

Whatever you can do to supplement the food bank, even if its just a can or 2 of food, drop it by the Food Bank in the wood box at the back of the food bank house.   Every little bit helps.

Thank you.

Camas Prairie Food Bank
Physical Location: 
411 East North Street
Grangeville, ID 83530 
(Behind Les Schwab)

08 November 2014

When you donate 2 cans of food, or $2 dollars, among other things at P1FCU, you'll be entered in a drawing to win a gift card worth $50.  They'll be giving out 2 gift cards this season.  Here's your chance to give, and support the local Camas Prairie Food Bank.   Thanks P1FCU!!!

06 November 2014

A tip to ensure your food bank donations benefit your local community.