Camas Prairie Food Bank

Neighbors Helping Neighbors. 


Camas Prairie Food Bank serves 300 to 500 people on average, per month. 

Our clients are seniors on fixed incomes who can't afford medication and food, the working poor who have jobs but do not make enough to pay bills and feed their families for the month.   We also serve clients on government assistance programs, single parent households and homeless people who are often living off grid or in their vehicles. 

We are a partner agency with Idaho Food Bank and Community Action (TFAP).  We serve all of Idaho County and parts of Lewis County.  There is an income guideline with Community Action but not with the Idaho Food Bank.  People may qualify for both programs, but if not qualified for both, then one can still get food from the Idaho Food Bank. 

Our facility provides us much needed space for both staff and our clients.  Through many efforts and blessings of our Operations Director and Board Members, including grants community donations as well as financial support from local businesses, Camas Prairie Food Bank is able to support operations of the facility and people who need help to supplement their meals. 

Our space includes a nice sized office for staff and record keeping, and a large spacious waiting area for clients and volunteer staff. 

Along with ADA parking and restroom, our facility also includes a large demonstration kitchen for cooking and nutritional classes.  This area can also be utilized by local health care agencies to perform health screening events. 

The distribution area is more convenient and better organized for our staff to work from. 

All of our food products are now stored under the same roof.   We also have a loading dock to facilitate unloading the monthly food truck.